“There is no lack of resources to help the planet, but disinterest is a great enemy.”

In this article we will explain a series of basic concepts about the environment with respect to the current state, thus posing indirect questions to the reader that we hope will raise concerns about improving the situation.

The human being has been the only animal capable of bringing Earth to a catastrophic point by being aware of it, so it is his duty to become aware and promote actions and the ability to save it. The moment is now. The effects are becoming noticeable and difficult to ignore, so there is no possible reaction time in the future, the change has to be made imminently, or the consequences will be unimaginable.

Did you know that...

In 1930 the US created a project called the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) which brought together the country’s young and unemployed to develop a program of recovery and preservation of the environment that generated more wealth for the State than it was invested in it?

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Currently, we have all noticed the changes that the planet has undergone due to man, both negative and positive, but we must recognize that the balance is not compensated at all, in fact, studies assure that the scale has already become unbalanced, but we are still in time for it not to break if we really work hard to achieve it.

We must be clear that we are facing the greatest problem in the history of humanity and to combat it we must be responsible and consistent with our individual actions, since this is where the strength resides.

The current situation is unique, hosting unknowns never before exposed. As far as experts can estimate the consequences can be devastating, catastrophic and deadly, not only for the human being, but for what we know as life.

We must understand the basic elements that are related to the environment in order to alleviate this complication that we ourselves are generating. On the one hand we would have:

Greenhouse effect:

It is one of the factors that make life on earth possible since the gases in the atmosphere help maintain an optimal temperature for the development of life. Some of these are Oxygen, Nitrogen, Ozone, Water Vapor and CO2, the latter lets the visible radiation of the sun pass once it reaches the atmosphere reaching the surface and heating it, but when these rays send this energy to the Outside it becomes infrared, so that, since it is no longer visible, CO2 does not allow its exit, thus being imprisoned and producing a drastic increase in temperatures, destabilizing the natural balance.

There is a correlation between the rise in temperatures and the increase in the atmosphere of gases that enhance the greenhouse effect. The burning of fossil fuels is one of the consequences that, since the industrial era, has led to an increase in the planet’s temperature by 1 ° C. This is called Global Warming and if there is no imminent change in our habits, experts stipulate that in less than 80 years the temperature rises to 5 ° C, positioning us in a perspective still unknown to humanity with apocalyptic consequences.

Climate change:

It refers to the notoriety of the global transformation that the earth undergoes in periods of long exposure, giving rise to modifications in its conception that affect the planet as a whole. These changes are organized in cycles, which follow natural and balanced guidelines that have made life as we know it possible.

Once these terms are understood, it may be a little easier to get an opinion about whether or not it augurs a prosperous future in terms of vital terms, or at least stop to think about what we really want.

For this we have to admit that this transformation process will not be sudden or automatic, but it will not be unfeasible either, so we must be realistic as far as possible and combat it in the best way in the time we have.

Three of the attack guidelines to start this change would be:


  • Changing weather patterns.
  • Sea level rise.
  • Floods.
  • Losses of cultivation land.
  • Decay of Oxygen production.
  • Drought.
  • Species extinction.
  • Diseases and pandemics.


  • Individual awareness from habits to consumption.
  • Use of renewable energy and energy efficiency.
  • Natural resource management in a logical way.
  • Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Lobby governments to take appropriate measures.
  • Inform people in your environment and motivate them.


  • Uncontrolled forest clearings.
  • Fires.
  • Rubbish and garbage.
  • Microplastics.
  • Toxic chemicals.

It should be noted that all these points must be faced with actions indicated for each case, corresponding properly to the same purpose, since not all factors will always be related at the same time, so specific and dedicated attention is needed to correct them.

That is why we must see the possibilities we have when it comes to forcing ourselves to attend to all those actions in which we can contribute positively and not negatively. Everything that we are able to improvise, change and improve regarding the environment and the common well-being will be reflected in our personal life. 

We are all part of the same whole.

We all live on the same planet.

We all drink the same water.

We all breathe the same air.

We all share the same land.

“There is no lack of resources to help the planet and that the consequences of global warming are only serious (they have condemned us), but disinterest is a great enemy that can lead us, in less than 50 years, to destruction.”

Supporting beneficial projects for the environment you live in, organizations and opinion leaders who are dedicated to promoting this type of activity will make you participate in this change, in addition to promoting the possibility of teaching other people that they can also do something positive in the face of a situation that affects us all.

Any positive solution is valid. Showing disagreement by expressing your opinion when someone does something negative for your planet, your home today, your children’s home tomorrow is a way that your actions are valid for this change. Some people will support you, but if they don’t, don’t lose hope, you have planted a seed in their heads that will germinate when the person is ready.

We all influence the lives of the beings around us, directly or indirectly, so if your obligations are supported by solid foundations and the common good, you are able to be faithful to your principles and keep your word you will have your own battle won and you will be a pioneer example for other people, who like you, seek to make this a world from which to enjoy and delegate to future generations. Your actions have an impact. From your table to the vacation spot where you will go to enjoy contact with nature.

Meditate on everything the planet has to offer; about life, about the values ​​that it has naturally stipulated; about you being part of a Whole prior to any of us and not the other way around; about what you want for your life and your loved ones; close to who you will be tomorrow according to what you do today; About whether in 30 years you want to be proud of making history or that no one can ever study it again.

We do not want to be the story that will never be told.

The moment has arrived.

– Your Choice, Our Future –

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