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From our studio we are pioneers in creating events using new production methods, thus being more consistent with our environment and the impact they have on our society.

Currently, we understand that social events have great personal impact in terms of the mood of each individual and in terms of the general nature of the public according to the performance of that event, but they also generate a common negative impact if we talk about the environment. since in most events, whether on a smaller or larger scale, the expense of material, waste, little economic and ecological planning make them generate an interest to correct on our part, always trying to improve all their points so that the performance program and everything around it is as positive, interesting and original as possible, and all this thanks to the fusion of sustainable artistic elements with a unique quality and style for each occasion.


Rehabilitation and reactivation of social activity in a Salamanca municipality with little hope of lasting more than 10 years in time.

What is it?

International project of methodical approach and expansion with artists from different fields governed by the same sustainability guidelines that AS² studio follows applying a system where the different modalities are connected to each other and can nurture and support each other for an optimal and complete global development.

The meeting of artistic expression with the influence of the different cultures that attend is pursued, as well as the development of positive activities for the environment and their personal educational contribution.


Given the current situation worldwide, we will not be able to specify an exact date for the Festival, but we will keep you informed of progress through our networks so that you do not lose detail.

From the REINVENT_ARTE project focused on rehabilitating and reactivating social activity in a Salamanca municipality with little hope of lasting more than 10 years in time, HAKUNAMATATA 20XX is the event of the decade!

It is a Festival where Art and Sustainability will take their peak so that attendees will enjoy a unique place that you will not forget and that will mark you forever.


You have not visited us yet?

From September we will have the pleasure of opening our physical store with all the safety and hygiene measures guaranteed!

You can visit us at the Brike Lane Market on weekends in London (UK), a magical place full of unique energy that you cannot miss. We will be able to share space with other businesses that will not disappoint you as they are known for their style and tradition, counting that many of them also continue with a sustainable product line.

The Brike Lane market is one of the best known in the capital and for this reason we do not hesitate to position ourselves there, thus publicizing our best-known products and initiatives.

Stay tuned to the indications that we will be giving and do not lose sight of us!

Collections are limited!


For yet another year, we are pleased to be participants and ambassadors at the London-based International Film Festival for Young Talents.

Together with the group of experts in filmmaking that accompany us from the English city and the international community with which we have the pleasure to collaborate, we will carry out a new edition, where the realization and production of the same keeps sustainable bases and very careful and studied artistic works to endow the participants with the importance that their works deserve.

This event is public and valid for anyone around the world, being able to request their participation online and being able to attend in person in London, where the jury’s decision will take place the day the event takes place.

If you have an idea to develop, you are working on it or you have finished it, do not hesitate, take part in a unique event worldwide!

You can be the next winner!


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