Your choice, our future


From the REINVENT_ARTE project focused on rehabilitating and reactivating social activity in a Salamanca municipality with little hope of lasting more than 10 years in time, HAKUNAMATATA 20XX is the event of the decade!

It is a Festival where Art and Sustainability will take their peak so that attendees will enjoy a unique place that you will not forget and that will mark you forever.


The event will feature different artistic disciplines that will fill the environment with energy, enhancing the sensitive part that we all carry inside. We will have:

  • Music
  • Graphic and plastic arts
  • Performing arts
  • Photography and cinema
  • Experimental techniques, etc.

These will be promoted through dedicated and scheduled performances for the appreciation and development of the creative community, being freely available to the festival public.


On the other hand, given the situation we are experiencing today on the planet, we are committed to carrying out the most sustainable event known to date, taking into account the wide range of possibilities offered by this system of thought, thus emphasizing the logical part of people; in other words, we will focus our attention on each and every one of the aspects to be changed in terms of what has been established to date in the world of festivals, reinventing and improving its process and execution until reaching the objective set. We will do it with:

  • Natural food
  • Ecological facilities
  • Biodegradable and / or reusable tools
  • Sustainable waste plan

Thanks to the opportunity we have to settle in a protected natural place, we are obliged to keep it in optimal conditions, trying to ensure that human activity generates the least impact for us and for the environment.


We have a community of creatives and professionals who will design an activity plan so that festival goers can enrich themselves with the experiences you want:

  • Natural routes
  • Exercises in nature
  • Contemplation and admiration
  • Colloquia and Exhibitions
  • Challenges and Contests

With this type of activities we want to invite you to get to know the environment having the opportunity to explore yourselves as well, both actions from a different perspective that will not disappoint you and that we hope you want to repeat.

All the tasks will be promoted by specific groups dedicated to them, who, following the MANIFESTO guidelines, will cooperate to achieve a balanced and solid-based community on which they can experiment and grow in unity.

This cohesion opportunity will give rise to unique moments, unrepeatable activities and experiences that leave their mark and… we would love for you to enjoy it with us!

Dare you to undertake a journey that will make you change the way you see and feel tomorrow?

-Your choice, Our future-

Given the current situation worldwide, we will not be able to specify an exact date for the Festival, but we will keep you informed of progress through our networks so that you do not lose detail.