Your choice, our future


This Project consists of the rehabilitation and reactivation of social activity in a Salamanca municipality with little hope of lasting more than 10 years in time.

What is it?

International project of methodical approach and expansion with artists from different fields governed by the same sustainability guidelines that AS² studio follows applying a system where the different modalities are connected to each other and can nurture and support each other for an optimal and complete global development.

The meeting of artistic expression with the influence of the different cultures that attend as well as the development of positive activities for the environment and their personal educational contribution are pursued.
What is it for?

Firstly, it must be conceived as a meeting point for creation, learning, improvement and enjoyment both individually and collectively, where different generations will be educated and made aware of a sustainable lifestyle over time, since the one established to date is quite The opposite is true and studies do not predict good results if it does not change as soon as possible.

This will be a Pilot Project thanks to which we will be able to put into practice all our knowledge and material to create a structuring pattern made up of multi-events that could be applicable to any other event with the certainty of a proven real viability.

To what end?

Alimentarse de todo lo que pueda nutrirnos mental, física y emocionalmente.

Se pretende aunar las diferentes disciplinas artísticas como método de captación y sensibilización ya que se entiende que el ser humano es capaz de comprender y sentir el arte de forma única además de ser un estigma conocido por cambiar nuestro estado anímico.

La intención de llevar a cabo un evento de este tipo es conseguir ue la gente tome conciencia de lo importante que es cuidar del entorno que nos rodea, con todo lo que ello implica, y que sean capaces de aplicarlo en su día a día de manera totalmente independiente y de libre elección dada la situación actual y los tiempos que corren.

Se potenciará la responsabilidad individual ya que creemos que es un factor primordial de entendimiento y comprensión para un buen desarrollo personal a posteriori.

What benefits?

The creation of a dedicated, consistent and knowledgeable community is for us something both essential and obvious when it comes to generating any type of activity; therefore, the fact of having professionals from different fields, cultures, parts of the world, etc., will make this community something very valuable, avoiding falling into monotony that can lead to avoidance or loss of interest by collaborators or from the public.

On the other hand, the combination of Art and Sustainability is a great value to keep in mind, being able to promote both areas (which may seem exempt from being reciprocal) in a fruitful way by adopting the more general profiles that both offer and transmitting a message with greater influence .

The approach represents short and long-term benefits for localization, but also to promote projects of the style elsewhere (with all that this includes) creating a transformation loop on a small and medium scale that will have positive repercussions in the future.

What cons?

As a pilot project we must take into account its own faculty; the risk of a minority activity and thought, little known and stigma of “improvement” in today’s society, as explained above, may not be accepted as contemplated. On the one hand, it would be possible to be blocked by superior interests that do not share this thought of social transformation towards a better future; and / or attacked by the community of the area, which may feel attacked by being part of ancient traditions.

This is why we will take an open and consistent position with our actions and with the adjacent communities that may be affected, trying to always be positive.

What strengths?

The fact of being a unique project and acclaimed by the existing community that today we form AS² studio together with all its collaborators and followers and the current situation on the planet motivates us to move forward with more strength every day.

By creating a place of cohesion between so many natural and social factors, people who are in some way in contact with the project will be influenced by these new visions of expansion internally and externally, which for us is clearly a focus of interest to enhance.

Being clearly an option on the way to a better future and with the will as an exit door, we will try little by little all our objectives to take shape and run as they deserve.

What threats?

To point out rather than threatens, as a point of attention, that the location assigned for this project is in a protected biosphere area and we must keep it safe from any negative action that may occur, so all movements must be clear and positive without ignoring an especially greater attention given the circumstances of the area and what could cause a failure in it.

Regarding internal threats, referring to the problems that the project itself may have, such as obtaining the pertinent permits, financing or singular complaints, we may have a margin of action that is quite in line with what has already been established. In other words, we will try to minimize any problems or opposition as much as possible, trying to attend to all the development focuses so that they can complement each other in order to move forward with more consistency.

While external threats are more difficult to combat, assuming that we refer to both climatic and earthly issues, even sociocultural factors such as the different institutions that it will affect and their legal position.

The greatest threat that we could find would be the rejection of this project by the people of the area given the cultural difference that we can find given the stipulated canons of action in it with respect to our studies and methods, since many enhance traditional lifestyles that sometimes they can interfere with what we firmly believe has to change in order to perceive real progress towards what would be a sustainable world.

What opportunities?

Events of an artistic, musical and / or ecological nature have already been developed in the Sierra de Francia area, but they have never been conceived before in unity to promote something like what is planned with this project.

The fact of having people from the area willing to work to regain the strength and character of nature as well as the artisans and artists who promote this at the same time is something incredibly positive with what we have found in the area.

Growing as professionals and putting into practice everything we know available to and enjoyed by others is incredibly inspiring for us, and having the opportunity to carry it out in such a rewarding and special way as this project is is a honor; Thanks to the support of different communities and sectors this has been possible and it will not be us who do not bring it to reality.

We firmly believe that this pilot project will be very well received and that it will be promoted for years to come, this is our great opportunity.


“From the purest internal feeling of deconstruction, introspection and improvement, found in being, in itself and its circumstance.”

We have a human resources base that works from the heart on this idea of ​​change, without which nothing would be possible. The engine of expectations and possibilities is notorious and no breath is seen that can slow it down.

The rules governed by a public Manifesto (which you can find on our website) are a clear aspect of the transparency with which we intend to act and transmit the feeling of unity and power that we harbor as a community concerned about tomorrow.

The support of the public is pleasantly welcoming, and we are more and more people who fight every day for rights worthy of the times we live in. The people who follow us make it possible for our goals to grow and that we can develop them effectively and respectfully with the closest community in each activity, thus looking for a common good worked from small to large scale.

This is why we have made the decision to document the process so that we can present it later and show the great work done by everyone.


The proposal has a stipulation of full development to 10 years, for which different activities and actions will be considered that may pave the way for the coming ones according to their contribution in the organization plan and their systematic implementation for previously designed expectations dealing with topics such as studies. , work, growth, viability, support, fulfillment and benefits.

The first years we will have the months of vacation traffic and warm weather for its correct implementation, thus leaving more time dedicated to planning and improvement in the remaining periods while considering the options that fluctuate, how they do it and how to act. based on them. We must bear in mind that there are many factors that can and should be changing according to the form of development that we propose, which does not mean that it is negative, but that we see it as an opportunity to face situations more decisively thanks to the interconnection of networks that will be formed and give rise to a nucleus with its own life from which they can nurture and / or resemble others later.


The proposed location is located in La Sierra de Francia, in the province of Salamanca, adjacent to Portugal and the province of Extremadura.

Given the weather conditions, the geographical position that we have and the natural admiration of the area, we firmly believe that the values that this place offers us are very successful as well as inspiring to carry out a project of these characteristics.

Betting as we do, for the creation of a nucleus of sociocultural activity, the territorial choice in this case is very important when it comes to showing yourself from a perspective more connected with the natural world for a better sensitive appreciation; It is true that we do not deny the option of being able to continue expanding this method in other places later.


Because we believe, we want and we can.

This initiative was born as a revealing character to what is stipulated as “normality”, the same one that denies an evident change towards a pejorative situation regarding the past years and its rapid decline towards what the planet refers to; Human activity, based on selfishness, self-centeredness and lack of education in many aspects, are perhaps the three factors against which we must fight.

The reality is not so far from fiction in recent years and we are referring to the facts: natural catastrophes, viruses and pandemics that affect the whole world, notorious changes in the biosphere, social and cultural upheavals, uprisings and wars … Each and every one they will leave traces of these aspects, but it depends on us how they are and the consequences they will harbor.

We are firm and consistent with our words and actions, we want to fight for a better tomorrow for those who will come with everyone who wants to participate.

– There is only one condition marked by morality that accompanies all of us who are already actively participating in this life cycle –

Once you wake up and learn you will not be able to back down, you will not be able to go back to sleep or ignore. We must be prepared, this battle has only just begun.

– Your choice, Our future –
Would you like to be a participant?