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AS² offers extensive high-quality services for you and yours. With a strong base of project, effort and creativity, we make available to users services that are governed by the standards-based on our MANIFESTO, that is how art and sustainability are guaranteed in any of our work.You can consult us without any commitment and ask for an improvement evaluation for your proposal.

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It is a great honor for us to introduce the LIMITED COLLECTION that we have carefully designed for you and the environment, as every action counts positivity for global improvement.
On this special occasion we are pleased to show you everything you can have for you and for everyone.

  • This collection has been made with a low consumption of energy, water, carbon footprint and waste.
  • We will donate part of the money from each product to a different causes related to: Environment, Animals rights, Women rights, Children rights, Disease and investigation.
  • Thanks to your contribution our project Art & Sustainability will be develop supporting the fundamental concepts for the planet and the quality of life.
  • Read the Manifesto to learn more about our thinking and join us!
  • Secret prizes and more!


TRIBAL belongs to a mini collection at the hands of a very select and geometric designer where the study of shapes and their graphic expression remind us of the most primitive compositions that we know throughout history. The minimalist expression plays with harmony to find itself in an elegant and influential combination. Could you guess which geometric shape is the most exploited in this collection? ALL


Our most daring mini collection is undoubtedly WOMEN, SKATES & BANANAS, where the work of collages that our great specialized artist has generated is appreciated. The gender proposal breaks stereotypes and emphasizes female power mixed with an underground environment, a very successful combination. SHRUBKA


CURVES is only a small part of the great masterpiece of our most experienced artist, this mini collection is based on powers the female figure through the curve. The figure of the female body is understood by artists as one of the greatest pleasures when it is interpreted. MERODIO


CYBERPUNK. Gender and identity go together. In the future fight will continue and the struggle will become transformation. This is a collection that you cannot forget, with a graphic design created by a championship illustrator who moves us with his composition to a better future. RUB


Our NATURE collection has a graphic design created by a young artist with a big heart who is committed to floral themes as a concept for this first limited edition, giving our great tote bags a sophisticated and elegant character. Minimalist and subtle designs with enough strength to captivate your attention. Beauty of lines and composition is what nature is created with. LIONA