Your choice, our future


Would you like to organize a party, celebration or meeting in a personalized way?

With endless possibilities for any of your proposals, all your ideas can be carried out in one way or another and we will be here to understand, design and implement them for your enjoyment.

With more than 10 years of experience in the field, the professionals that integrate AS2 studio will help you realize your dreams come true in the most sustainable way possible. We have been able to develop our own style that adapts to the client according to their requirements and that is very useful and effective in terms of the project process and its result.

WHAT DO YOU NEED? Willingness + Confidence = Energy

Contact us, first! Tell us what your project is in mind and your suggestions, we understand that it is very important to convey that the new space we will design has a meaning and we must be able to make it visible so that it can be fully enjoyed.


We are open to any type of event, style and advice, from children’s parties to weddings, such as private parties, festivals, exhibitions, … without forgetting the wide range of styles and endless mixes.


Our work policy is based on developing sustainable projects through art, which is why our clients should be aware that their idea will be developed in the most sustainable way possible and with a very powerful artistic quality. The combination of both factors allows us to reach creative, original and unique solutions for each client.

If you also need any type of signage, invitations, cards or posters, we also offer sustainable graphic design.


If you need any sustainable product for your project we offer product design.



Present your proposal with key ideas that you have developed so that we can make an estimated budget and start working together on your idea! Once approved, we will start with your adventure!

· Interview to comment on the idea as detailed as possible – pre-moodboard, blueprints…

· Planning – dates, times, activities…

· Work in place – measurements, photos, color scheme, lights, finishes, furniture…

· Plan and interior and exterior plans – moodboard.

· Estimated design implementation – materials.

· Design consultation – advice, changes, adjustments to the existing proposal.

· Final implementation and labor.

Need some help? Get in touch with us!