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Would you like to have a personalised website?

With infinite possibilities for any design, all your ideas can be carried out in one way or another and we will be here to understand, design and implement them for your enjoyment.

With more than 10 years of experience in the field, the professionals that integrate AS2 studio will help you realize your dreams come true in the best possible way.

We know how hard the beginnings are for any company, and we know the importance of a good image for future customers, so we recommend paying attention to your website and making it as reliable and attractive as possible.

In addition, with the help of other tools that we can provide you, you can control your web traffic to see what your customers want, what things work or have better demand and which less, and to be able to make personalized marketing campaigns.

WHAT DO YOU NEED? Willingness + Confidence = Energy

Contact us, first! Tell us what project you have in mind and your suggestions. We implement your plans and advise you with the latest tools in the market so that your website is just what you need. Leave it in our hands!


We design your website based on your basic indications (colors, theme, sections, if you need an ecommerce or not…) always making a smooth, intuitive, easy to navigate website with the latest trends in fashion.

Nowadays, we work with WORDPRESS and normally use the theme FUSHION AVADA, as it has many features that result in websites with a very dynamic and professional finish, in addition to being fully customizable, so the websites created with this theme, after the modifications, do not resemble anything.

Do you have a company logo or do you need graphics for your website or company? We can also design them!



· SEO optimization so that your page is positioned on Google as soon as possible.
· We design your website according to the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) so your website is totally legal.
· WPO optimization to make your website load the fastest. This is key, as the waiting times are one of the main reasons why people leave pages.
· Security: we make use of different plugins to make your website safe, free from spam and possible attacks.


· E-MAIL MARKETING: we use Mailchimp, one of the best and most famous tools to create newsletters and get new subscribers by email (optional).
· SOCIAL NETWORKS: we can take care of your social networks to carry out marketing campaigns or just maintenance.
· GOOGLE ANALYTICS: to have the information about all the visits in your website.
· And more.


Present your proposal with key ideas that you have developed so that we can make an estimated budget and start working together on it!

· Once all the needs of your website have been detailed, we will send you an approximate budget so you can see each and every one of its features.

· After a meeting (in person, or by Skype) to approve the budget and fix the last details, we start!

· We have different budget options depending on the service you choose:

Only web development and design: it does not include maintenance nor updates.
Development, design and maintenance in case of any problems: it does not include web expansion or creation of new sections.
Development, design, maintenance and update: includes maintenance in case of problems and updates.

Need some help? Get in touch with us!